My dream wedding day!

From a young age, I think most women have an idea of their dream wedding, we find our mind wandering to our dream wedding dress, the cake and the person we will one day marry.

Maybe as we get older we stop daydreaming and focus on the here and now but then you meet the love of your life and every now and then you mind drifts to what it would be like if one day you were to get married. After describing my ideal venue last week I found myself lost in a daydream about what the rest of the wedding would look like. 


I love pretty flowers but if I am honest I couldn’t bring myself to spend a fortune on bouquets and buttonholes that will eventually wilt and die.

So when it comes to flowers at my wedding I will be leaning towards satin ones.  Not only do a lot of these bouquets look very realistic but they can also be kept as a perfect keepsake of the day.


Obviously, my wedding cake will be gluten-free, I mean who has a cake that they can’t eat themselves!

I like the traditional three-tier cake but I adore cupcakes. And now with sponges coming in a whole host of flavours, I can’t help thinking that a combination of cakes would be amazing.

Champagne, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, White chocolate and Raspberry… With flavour choices like that who could choose just one.

Table settings

When it comes to table settings and placement cards, I want to let my quirky and creative side go. The idea of unique centrepieces and table names is something I love. Just imagine lights, birdcages, pretty gems, pompoms… all sorts of fun and picturesque items.

I have seen some amazing table decorations on Confetti (visit website), in fact, It was here that I came across the pretty birdcages.

Wedding favours

Gone are the days of sugared almonds and bubbles, now wedding favours come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst browsing Confetti I came across a whole host of favours I had never seen before. There were compasses, mini treasure chests, carriage candle holders and tiny mason jars. In fact, there were so many delightfully different favours that I found myself contemplating getting different favours for different tables.

Reception accessories

For a while now people have offered a guest book and disposable cameras at their wedding reception to capture the thoughts and photos of their guests. Now you can discover wish boxes. The chance for you to write down what you wish for the happy couple. I personally love this idea!


It is your big day and that means that the ceremony and the reception should reflect you both.  This is the day you have imagined, the day that you marry the love of your life, so make the dream a reality and make it YOUR own!

“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

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