Cosy night in…

Getting Cosy

When it comes to a cosy night in I love nothing more than lounging on the sofa with some snacks and the remote control in hand. There is something calming about drawing the curtains and losing myself in some of my favourite TV shows.

Imagine a cosy room….. big corner sofa conducive to lounging and snuggles, a table with popcorn and hot chocolates and a big Panasonic Oled TV showing your much-loved shows, HEAVEN!

I am a fan of reality TV and I love nothing more than cheering myself up with a comedy show but today I want to share..

Shows that moved me

Greys Anatomy

Having been an avid fan of the show from the very first episode, I have found myself caught up in the story of Meredith Grey and all at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. From hostage situations, to plane crashes I have found this show to be one of the most moving adaptations on the TV. In fact, over the past 14 seasons, I have found myself crying along with the cast and lost in the drama of the story.


Okay, I know this isn’t running anymore and I also know that it looks like I have a thing for medical shows (I guess I do) but ER was the first medical drama that broke me. Dr Greene’s letter was truly one of the most poignant episodes of the show and to this day It still makes me sad thinking about it, I sobbed for hours when that episode was first aired.

One Tree Hill

Look at me delving into the archives, but when it comes to shows about teenagers and the dilemmas they face, this was honestly one of the best ones. Dealing with all sorts of issues, the show had you spiral with Peyton and scared with Brooke. Somehow this show delved into our teenage minds and helped us face every problem. Even to this day, I can still remember how terrified I felt during that school shooting episode.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Although a hugely controversial show this series needed to be aired. As someone who has witnessed a family in the aftermath of a suicide, I felt that the story needed to be told. The way it depicts the impact of flyaway comments and rumours should be something everyone is aware of. This show isn’t just moving in its telling but a highly thought-provoking tale too.


Wehn I first started watching Nashville I wasn’t expecting it to make me cry as often as it has. It feels as though they intuitively switch the music to tug on the heartstrings. Add to that the incredible acting that we witness throughout the show and you have a moving combination.

Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Panasonic, bringing you the next generation in Oled televisions.

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  1. Cherishingflo
    June 20, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    I loved the first season in 13 Reasons Why. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the second season cause I wasn’t sure I believed a second season was necessary. I only watched a few episodes of Grey’s anatomy but those are the only two shows on the list I’ve seen. I’ve heard a LOT of good things about One Tree Hill though so I may be checking that out soon!

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