A Buckt full of rage

A couple of weeks ago I attended Birmingham’s one and only rage room!

Located at Grange Live Gaming, 93-99 Holloway Head, this room gives you the facility to unleash your pent-up anger on a variety of objects in a fun and safe environment. 


After arriving at the building we were kitted out with protective clothing, eyewear and gloves. As a couple, we were booked in for the deluxe package which comprised of:
  • 10 x glass bottles
  • 3 x keyboards
  • 1 x computer monitor
After running through the items we could smash and the timeframe of 30 minutes. Our instructor ran through the following  safety regulations with us:
  • Only one person can be smashing things at any one time.
  • You can smash items in the centre of the room or throw them at the far wall.
  • You must keep all safety gear on at all times.
Once briefed, we were then allowed to select the items that we wanted to smash. I chose five wine bottles as my boyfriend went in for a mix of shapes and sizes. Keyboards were next to for election and then the monitor.  All items were placed in a crate ready for us to start.
After selecting a bat out of the five different ones hanging on the wall, I set to work on smashing my first bottle and it was amazing.

Here’s the thing

I was under the impression that all the anger I had towards my dad’s passing would show when I entered the room. Whether I didn’t dig deep enough or in fact have zero strength. I found myself smashing things and enjoying it. At that moment I was out of my head and I was loving it.
Throwing bottles at the wall, smashing up keyboards and beating a monitor with a baseball bat was fantastic. And it certainly made for a date with a difference, when we left the room we were full of adrenaline and honestly walking a little lighter! In fact, this is something I would love to do again.

The rage room retails at:

£20 for the basic package and £45 for the deluxe.

Disclaimer: Adam and I attended the Rage room in collaboration with Buckt, the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box

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