LED luminous lift, a facial with a difference.

It has been years since I have had a facial. In fact, I am pretty sure my one and only facial was a deal that I found on Groupon. Needless to say with it being so long ago I have very little memory of the event.

However, this time around I was lucky enough to attend EF Medispa and document the experience.. Located at 11 Greenfield Cres, Birmingham B15 3AU, the clinic is less than 20 minutes away from Birmingham’s city centre.

About EF Medispa

EF Medispa was launched in 2006 as one of the first medical spas in the UK. Since 2006 Medispa has opened clinics in Chelsea, St John’s Wood and Richmond and their franchise clinic in Bristol, Their latest franchise clinic was opened in October 2017 making Edgbaston the sixth clinic to the companies name.


The treatment I was booked in for was an LED luminous light facial. This is a beautician applied facial combined with LED light therapy.

LED Luminous Lift the antibacterial properties of blue light can help to calm down acne and breakouts making this an excellent treatment for congested and acne-prone skin. The red and near infrared light frequencies encourage the production of collagen to help renew and rejuvenate your complexion. LED Luminous Lift uses an advanced non-ablative light technology that is not aggressive compared to laser treatments, providing remarkable improvements without any post-treatment downtime.

On the day

On the day I arrived at EF Medispa I was excited to discover more about the facial and undergo the treatment. Being a rosacea sufferer I had heard that the treatment was great for helping tackle flare-ups and help tame the redness.

Once shown into the treatment room by Veronica, I underwent the following four steps:

Step One:

A consultation about my skincare regime and my skin type. It was here that I explained about my rosacea trouble areas and what products I use on my skin throughout a daily and weekly basis.

Step Two:

Veronica prepped my skin using a milk-based cleanser and then exfoliated it afterwards using a delicious smelling exfoliant.

Step Three:

After my skin was prepared for the light treatment a pair of protective goggles were placed over my eyes as the light was placed over my face.

Step Four 

Twenty minutes later the light was removed and Veronica moisturised my face. For the last part of the treatment, she added sun cream to protect me from the UV rays that were waiting outside.


Veronica advised that my session was going to be a combination of all three lights. Which would hopefully aide my rosacea along with helping my skin rejuvenate and tighten. Afterwards, I was delighted to see that my face was not only glowing but also appeared tighter and my rosacea wasn’t as angry.

Throughout the treatment, I was thoroughly relaxed. It was easy to imagine myself lay on a beach whilst enjoying the heat radiating from the light.


I received this complimentary facial thanks to East Village PR and the lovely team at EF Medispa. As always all opinions are my own. Remember honesty is this bloggers policy.

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