What It Feels Like To Be In Debt In Your 20s

When you turn 18, legally you’re an adult but deep down you still feel like a teenager. You’re still trying to figure out the world and most importantly, yourself.

Hey, you can drink as well as drive now (not together). So technically that makes you a grown up, correct?Well you do have the responsibilities of an adult now but you’re new to the game and so you can expect to make some mistakes; quite a few actually. Those days when all you cared about was the weekend parties you and your friends would be going to are now over. Now you have to worry about how you’re going to make your own way in the world.

Suddenly, money becomes more than a currency or pieces of paper with pictures on them. But when we’re young, we want to do things we know time and life won’t allow when we’re older. A few wrong turns and bang, you fly straight into a wall with the letters, D-E-B-T written on it. In debt and in your 20s, not a great place to be.

All is not lost and you can still have fun, you just need to alter a few things in your life now.

Learn to host

If you’re in your early or mid-20s, the people around you won’t like a bore. Some want to party and maybe you do too. But trying to explain how you’re worried about every penny to a group of your friends might not be something you want to face when all you want to do is be sociable. So instead, bring the party home. The house party has always been the cheaper variant of the night out. Learn how to cook, look for deals on alcohol, provide entertainment in the way of games or outdoor activities. You don’t have to shell out £50+ every time you go out. Your money will stretch further with a party that you’ve hosted and friendships won’t steadily drift apart.

Get serious about a career

Even though you’re in debt and may not be looked upon as a great role model by the banks, you’re still young! This means that employers are more likely to give you a job as they see fresh and skilled people as the future of their business.

However, this means it is time to get serious. Make sure that you’re figuring out a plan, take on more responsibility, play more of a role in regards to decision-making and show them you can be a leader. Work your way up from the bottom, but keep your focus and your hard work should pay off with promotions and salary increases. Work on making your life more structured!

Paying it back

People who are young and in debt tend to bank on their youth and put the worry to the back of their minds. You don’t have to do this. In fact, there are debt relief instruments designed to stop the financial traffic in your life, and make things simpler. Financial institutions aren’t out to ruin your life, all they want is for you to pay what you owe and they will wipe the slate clean. A debt consolidation plan can help with this, by simplifying your road back to restoration.

Debt is like a grubby monkey.

It won’t let you sit still for a minute. The good thing is you’re in your 20s and have your whole life ahead of you to get organized. There’s still time to fight your way back to the top. So keep your head up high and forge your future!


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