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I have a shopping problem, a problem that is enabled by the fact that I can order almost anything online and at any time of the day. Thanks to the power of the internet it seems that everything we could ever hope for is literally a few clicks away. 

Everything online

We live in an era where we can book a holiday quicker than making a pizza. In fact, we can order a pizza in a matter of seconds without speaking to a single person. Which is why I wasn’t surprised to learn that UK online sales were up by 13.9% in January 2018. Making Christmas, birthdays etc a lot easier, shopping online has become the new going out.

I love the ease of shopping online. There’s no rushing through the crowds, no public transport or waiting around to find a parking space. And let’s not forget the fact that there often appears to be more sales online, which allows you to feel like you’ve got yourself a bargain.

Although shopping on the internet can be a great thing there is a dark element to ordering online. With some websites not delivering what they promise, how do you tell the good from the bad?

Thankfully sites like Britain Reviews have got you covered. Here you can research a website before you part with your money. Simply enter the name of the site you are thinking of using and discover what others think of it.  With online retailers receiving reviews and stars from other consumers this really is the site to help you shop.

Don’t allow online scammers to take the fun and ease out of online shopping….. check it out before you checkout!

Price comparison and review aggregates have placed more power back into the hands of the consumer when it comes to finding the best prices and deals. In the UK, 80% of buyers still conduct online e-commerce research even when planning to buy an item in a physical store.


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