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As Adam and I get further along in the house buying process, we find our minds wondering to the interior of our home and how we want it. Since we both have our own styles we have found it fun discussing ways in which we can include both of our personalities in the house.

The living room

One of the things we agreed on straight away was the fact that we wanted a corner sofa. Like most couples, we enjoy snuggling together whilst watching the television. Unfortunately, with Adam being a whole foot taller than me it can be hard to do this on certain sofas, which makes a corner one the perfect solution. I also love the idea of a feature table within the living room. Something that allows people to rest their drinks on it whilst adding to the style of the room.

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The kitchen is Adams domain (this is what he tells me anyway) however, we have already settled on the colour scheme we want within the kitchen/diner. As well as having purchased the majority of items that we want within the kitchen.

I am excited about choosing a dining table and picking out tableware etc. I’ve even found myself wondering if our kitchen will become the heart of our home. I picture friends and family talking around the kitchen table, romantic meals where we talk about out next adventure and a kitchen that is the hub of our home,

Because our kitchen diner comes complete with a bay window, I have visions of a comfy chair in the window, creating a reading nook.

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Another thing Adam and I instantly agreed on was the fact that we want our garden to be a calming place. Somewhere that we can sit and have breakfast on a glorious day or enjoy a bbq with friends. We find ourselves dreaming of water features, decking and rattan furniture.

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To make the most of the light in the house I find myself thinking about the best options when it comes to doors and I admit I am contemplating choosing bifold doors. These doors offer a space saving option and also allow you to keep your house cooler in the warner months. I must admit I also love that they come in a variety of colours

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Our bedroom

When it comes to planning the bedrooms in the house, Adam has given me free rein with the promise that he won’t find Disney and Harry Potter everywhere. I personally am imaging a princess room with a secret cupboard that my owl lives in. Only joking, I am imagining light and inviting, a room that we both feel comfortable and relaxed in. We already have our dream bed so I want to use this as a focal point and plan around it.

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I want our house to be a place of serenity, somewhere that offers great natural light and a calming atmosphere. I want our windows to match the aesthetics of the house. Whilst watching television the other day I saw a house where the replacement windows didn’t match the rest of the house and personally I thought if looked strange.

I could easily get carried away looking online for interior ideas, there’s so much I want to do and get. I can’t wait to get started.


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