Casual dating… Is it for you?

This is the first year that I have started watching Love Island and wow what a season it has been. For those that are still in the dark in relation to the premise of the show… The idea is for singles to couple up whilst trying to convince the public to keep them on the Island all in a bid to win £50,000 and find their perfect match.

Despite the addictiveness of the show, it has sparked somewhat of a controversy in regards to the fact that some people believe it promotes casual relationships, by asking the singletons to re-couple up.

But in today’s modern society is this really something that should be frowned upon?

A casual relationship is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have a sexual or near-sexual relationship without expecting any form of commitment. The sort of relationship that at times could’ve been deemed friends with benefit.

However, it isn’t just within the walls of Love Island that a casual relationship can spark. In fact, some people know that they don’t have the time or the emotions to invest in a committed relationship and instead seek something more casual. And that’s why within the world of adult dating there are options out there.

Personally, I’ve never been in a casual relationship although I do know several people who have. From witnessing their relationships I have learned that the best ones come with ground rules. Like with this season’s Love Island you can often find one person is more invested than the other, this is something you need to get sorted from the offset.

Doubles standards

If a man starts up a casual relationship with several partners he should not be viewed as an icon if a woman will be accused of being fast and lose for doing the exact same thing. Casual relationships can be beneficial to both involved as long as each person has an equal footing.

Whether you’ve met this person in a bar, they are a friend or someone you’ve met on sex dating sites, I suggest that you…

Set some rules

If you feel that casual is the way to go then; take precautions to protect both your heart and your sexual health. Ask yourselves these questions:

Are you non-exclusive, could one of you be seeking multiple partners?

How many times are you prepared to meet up in a month?

Will the relationship be a secret?

Will there be rules in the bedroom… no staying over, no cuddling etc.

A male perspective

When Adam was younger he worked on a campsite and experimented within the casual dating/relationship scene, in his own words, the main rule was ’hit it and then quit it’! There were no sleepovers and the women knew these terms before anything happened.

Thankfully for me, Adam got this out of his system. However, when he was younger he wasn’t ready to invest in anything serious and this situation suited his life better.

The truth is

Remember only you know what you want in life and within your relationship. If you want something casual go into it with your eyes wide open. Enjoy your experiences and if your heart wants more be honest with yourself and your partner.


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