Manuals to build your dream home

As first-time buyers, Adam and I are slowly finding our feet in the world of future homeowners. Caught in a cycle of completing paperwork after paperwork and talking to developers and solicitors, we find that it is the thought of finally getting the keys to our first home that is keeping the stress at bay.

Despite feeling anxious about the process, we are excited about the end result and keep ourselves motivated by planning out the interior of our home.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. Jane Austen

Furniture planning

We have a good idea of how we want the space to look and have even started purchasing some of our flatpack furniture. I think Adam will admit that when it comes to building the furniture this will be his domain because even though I am good at following illustrated manuals I am not to be trusted with tools.

Thankfully, despite Adam referring to himself as a hammerman when it comes to DIY, he does understand the importance of reading the instructions.

Unfortunately for Adam, he learned how important the user manuals were after offering to build my mum’s bed.  So here’s the thing: about a month before Adam had single-handedly built our new bed which took him no time at all. So when my mum’s bed arrived flat packed, he instantly offered to build it stating it would take him a matter of minutes.

Forward a couple of hours to a red-faced Adam who finally admits that he needs someone to help him with the process. It turns out that the instructions had quite clearly stated that this was a two person job.

I still love the fact that he was so determined to build it on his own.

Photo credit: Pexels

“The home should be the treasure chest of living”. Le Corbusier


It isn’t just the home decor that we are looking forward to choosing but also the technology. Now, this is where we really do divide. I would fill the house with Apple products whereby Adam would want everything to be Samsung.

Thankfully with the white goods included within the build, these have been taken out of hands. But, there is still the issue of the home cinema equipment that Adam is lusting after.

Home demo

At our last meeting, we discovered closer to the house completion we will be invited for a home demo. This is where the specialists who have built our house will show us how to use everything within our home. This will also give us the opportunity to ask them any questions and have a look at the technical documentation.

The home demo could be the first time we see our house following the builders signing it off and if that is the case I have a feeling we could be there a while. We can’t wait to see the house we are going to share together.

“The thrill of coming home has never changed.” Guy Pearce


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