Capturing Majorca with the iPhone X

I’ve recently returned from a week in Majorca and for the first time in ages my baggage was nowhere near the allowance, believe it or not I still had a good selection of outfits with me. However, this time I wasn’t carrying my laptop, iPad, camera, lenses etc, instead I had set myself the challenge to rely on a mobile phone to be my everything!

With my trusty iPhone 8 plus left at home, I headed to Majorca with the….

iPhone X

Compared to the 202g that my 8 plus weighs the X is a lot lighter at 175g. And with no frame to the screen it fitted more comfortably in my pocket.

It felt strange at first using a phone that was purely screen but I quickly adapted and found the 5.8-inch screen a positive for the phone. With my poor vision I prefer a bigger screen, as I prefer to not enlarge the font on my phones, if possible.

When it comes to photography this was where I was most excited to put the phone through its paces. I adore the portrait mode on my 8 plus but the ability to have this on the front camera was something I was eager to use. Having read mixed reviews on the function I couldn’t wait to see how it worked for myself.

With this being mine and Adams first holiday abroad together, I wanted to document it as much as possible and capture as many memories as I could.

Portrait mode – the front-facing camera

I feel like this shot really captured the moment, from the sunbeams to the smiles, all the detailing is there to be seen. I can only assume this is thanks to the 7mp true depth camera.

Viewing the images on the OLED screen was amazing, the clarity within the display really made me fall in love with the phone.

Rear Camera

The dual 12mp wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras offer portrait mode along with quad-LED true tone flash with slow sync.

The camera shows an improvement when it comes to low light and allows you to capture sensational images.

However, it was during the day that I found myself capturing some of my favourite shots. From views to ducklings I was able to capture many a moment and not all of them in portrait mode. The images offer true colours and when in PMode they really pop.


In some ways, the X is very similar to the 8 plus but when it comes to the battery life and GPS it excels. With the battery lasting a good couple of hours longer than my own phone, It was fantastic to be able to not have to top up the charge during the day. And with the phone offering fast charge, I wasn’t waiting for ages to get it back to full ability.

And for this avid Pokemon Go player, It was great to find my GPS activating faster and reaching further. Meaning that I could hit pokestops faster than Adam, which is definitely a win in my book. 


Over the week, I was able to blog, take photos, reply to emails and take part in several Pokemon battles all from the X. I’ll be honest when it came to sending it back I was sad to see it go. I even tried to work out how much it would cost to upgrade early.
Although the differences between the two models are minor, they are noticeable after a week. Mainly the front-facing camera and battery life.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the iPhone X and look forward to to seeing what else the mobile world has to offer.
A big thank you to the mobile network Three who sent me the phone to trial. This was my first time using the network and I was delighted to see it offered great coverage abroad.

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  1. Anna Brost
    August 9, 2018 / 9:20 am

    I am loving these photos. Would be great to see more content like this!

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