Lyrics to love

Throughout the year and a half that Adam and I have been together, we have shared many wonderful experiences, some of which have involved our shared love of music.

With us both having rather eclectic taste when it comes to vocalists, we’ve attended a varied mix of concerts.

From Country to RnB we have shared many musical moments together.

Country ways

Our first concert together was seeing the Nashville cast on tour and it was there that we were expecting to here ‘our song’ All of Me.

However, that night we discovered another song, one that spoke to us both.

As Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio took to the stage and the arena filled with the words to Fade into You, he took me in his arms and in that moment I knew he was feeling the lyrics.

Every time I hear that song my mind goes back to that moment.

If you were the ocean and I was the sun
The day made me heavy and gravity won
If I was the red and you were the blue
I could just fade into you

Til there’s no way to know where
You end and where I begin

If I was a shadow and you were a
The cobblestone midnight is where
We first meet
Til the lights flickered out, we
Dance with the moon

It’s ironic to think that we actually had to leave the concert early. Unfortunately having just started my antidepressants and not having much of an appetite I actually fainted at the concert and ended up being carried out by Adam. Sadly this meant that we missed a couple of songs.

It’s electric

The other memorable concert was when Adam surprised me with tickets to see the British electronic music band, Clean Bandit.

Being a fan of all their songs I was excited to watch them live and they didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere was amazing, the air was full of energy and enthusiasm. The moment they played Symphony I found myself caught in the moment. Adam doesn’t know this but that song makes me think of him.

I’ve been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was silence

And now your song is on repeat
And I’m dancin’ on to your heartbeat

I just wanna be part of your symphony
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Music has a habit of evoking emotions and memories, I could talk about songs that I connect to those I love and moments within my life. But sometimes these moments are precious and sacred, things that we don’t always want to share. Make your music like your memories…. something to cherish forever!

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