Have no7 nailed it?

Summer shine

When it comes to summer I love mixing up my shades and using a good mix of bright and pastel polishes. I am drawn to these colours for two reasons:

  1. Having brighter, colourful nails enhances my mood.
  2. Due to my eyesight problem I find if I use darker shades I tend to discover a lot of polish on my skin, which is a look I definitely can’t pull off.

Because of this I’ve narrowed down my collection to a lot of Barry M and Opi polishes. So when the team at Hashtag Blogger sent me a limited edition No7 polish to try, I found myself eager to put it to the test.


I’ve always been a fan of No7. However as much as my make up bag hosts a lot of their products my nail polish collection doesn’t contain anything by this brand.

No7 offers cosmetics in packaging with clean lines and an easy to read font. They are also a brand with a strong anti animal testing policy.

Does No7 test on animals?

We do not conduct animal testing on our products, or on ingredients used in our products, nor do we commission animal testing on our products or on ingredients used in our products.

A picture of the no7 nail polish in shade Oyster

My first assumption was that this was a nude shade. When in fact it is more a glossy shade that appears to just add shine to the nail, even with a couple of coats. Saying that I do really like the sheen it gives and the fact that the nail brush is a good size.

Despite its understated shade, it does however, offer long lasting coverage and if it did chip it wasn’t noticeable.  I wouldn’t say this is a shade I would buy but I would definitely purchase more polishes from No7.

A close up shot of my nails around a champagne glass


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