Rome in the city

A few years ago I was lucky enough to head to Rome for a long weekend. Packed full of stunning architecture this was a city that was on my bucket list.

Getting around

I found Rome to be a good place to navigate around on foot, with lots of zebra crossings and traffic lights, it is pedestrian friendly. However, do look out for mopeds when crossing the road.

Taxis are available to be flagged down in the city but be warned they are quite expensive.

In fact for travel, one of the best things I found in Rome was a city tour bus. This service allows you to hop on and off when at an attraction you would like to see.

This bus allowed me to go to all the major tourist spots for less than €20. Some tour buses within the city offer 24 and 48 hour passes.

Tourist attractions


A close up of the beautiful Colosseu in Rome

Once the setting for gladiator combat and lion-feeding frenzies, the Colosseum is a must-see for tourists. This famous monument offers an atmospheric view that is steeped in history.

I would recommend signing up for a guided tour as this allows you to learn even more about the history of this ancient amphitheatre.

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia with people in shot

When I arrived in Rome I wasn’t aware of the Piazza Venezia, meaning that my first impression was purely based on the architecture and not the history.

This breathtaking building is the hub of Rome and features some exquisite carvings within its structure.

History tells us that it was named after the Cardinal Venezia who, in 1455, ordered the construction of this building as his palace.

Trevi Fountain

A close-up of the trevi fountain at night

Out of all the sights in Rome, this was the one that I wanted to see the most. Likely to be the most photographed fountain in Rome (if not the world), the Trevi attracts thousands of people every year.

Dating back to the year 19 B.C this fountain was built under the direction of Pope Nicholas V.  It is a truly breathtaking sight that should be seen in both day and night.

Vatican City

A river view looking out at Vatican City

Technically not in Rome, this independent state is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The City is home to the Pope, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. Visiting here offers a day of culture and amazing architecture.

When the Pope is in residence it is recommended that you wear black and are covered up. Jewellery should be understated and skirt/dresses should be below the knee.

The Vatican Museams display works from the immense collection that past Popes have accumulated ated, the artwork can be viewed within the museums and combination tickets to the sights can be purchased both on the day and online.

Top tips for your trip

  • With most people heading to Rome on a city break, time is of the essence. So do consider getting fast passes at certain attractions, these allow you to queue jump.
  • Make sure that you wear comfy shoes, Rome is packed full of side streets, cobblestones and steps. It is city that you won’t want to miss out on, so comfort is essential.
  • Be aware, because Rome is such a busy hotspot it is prone to pickpockets. Be vigilant and try not to have valuables on you or at least on display.
  • Not a fan of crowds, then try and book for February or November, these are the quieter months when the weather takes a turn for the worst. Despite the possibility of rain, these months offer cheaper rates and less tourists.

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