The Dress by Kate Kerrigan

Lily Fitzpatrick loves vintage clothes – made all the more precious because they were once owned and loved by another woman. Thousands follow her vintage fashion blog and her daily Instagram feed. But this passion for the beautiful clothes of the past is about to have unforeseen consequences when Lily stumbles upon the story of a 1950s New York beauty, who was not only everything Lily longs to be but also shares Lily’s surname.
Joy Fitzpatrick was a legend. But what was the famous dress which she once commissioned – said to be so original that nothing in couture would ever match it again? What happened to it – and why did Joy suddenly disappear from New York high society?
The Dress is a beautiful story that threads fashion through history in a dual timeline which flows like a cascading trail of silk.
Kerrigan has created a captivating read that brings together past and present. The story follows blogger Lily as she embarks on a quest to discover the story behind The Dress.
There is something so unique about a story that entwines both fashion and history…. whilst keeping the dress alive in the reader’s imagination.
With the wonderful descriptions of the material and stitching, I imagined this masterpiece comimg together.
Despite loving Joy and Honors stories and the journey they both went on through the 1950’s. I found myself longing for those moments when it would be Lily’s turn. Her passion and enthusiasm shone throughout and I found it infectious. Lily is a terrific character and she definitely installs in the reader the need to chase your dreams.
This is a thought provoking read about following your passion.

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