Exercises to help relieve stress and anxiety

The best-proven exercises to help you reduce stress and anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety and depression are often prescribed medication to help relieve symptoms.
Although the medication is reliable and they can prove an excellent remedy. We must not forget that a high consumption of drugs can cause various side effects on the body.
Also, working with a therapist to help you talk through your issues and coping mechanisms can be just as good. But the cost that comes with hiring a professional therapist can also be too much for some people.

But, research shows that with specific physical exercise on a daily basis, you can diminish the anxiety and depression attacks that may overcome you.


The impact of your workout can lift your thoughts thanks to the correlation of body and mind.
If your body gets to relax from the exercises you’ve participated in, your mind will likely experience the same results.

Why you should take action

Asides from the social problems and agony you experience from these conditions, other health issues can arise whilst others can be aggravated.

Some examples are obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and asthma.

Chronic anxiety can develop into bigger issues that can severely limit your quality of life, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

In short, being anxious and stressed often plays havoc on your body. Which is why it is recommended you should workout in a safe and effective manner. One of the most easily accessible ways is to simply move your body.

The best exercises to relieve anxiety and stress

• Tai chi.

A silhouette of someone doing tai chi on a hilltop

This is a refreshing form of exercise which focuses on both body and mind.

Tai chi does not involve dynamic movements, but the slow moves that are involved offer an excellent connection between the body and the brain, enabling a person to calm down and be stress-free.

Research shows that Tai chi has a meditative effect and involves a lot of deep breathing which are two essential factors for relieving stress and anxiety.

• Yoga

A lady stretching on a yoga mat

Yoga has been one of the leading stress-relieving workouts for a long time.

This was affirmed in a study carried out in 2007. During the study participants reported having lessened their stress, depression and anxiety after a workout.

This led to another survey which was carried out in 2012. The results of which concluded that a significant number of people who participated in the study ended up being less stressed and anxious after participating in yoga.

What makes yoga suitable for relieving these symptoms?

Yoga involves stretching the body parts, and offers deep breathing methods which the participant has to practice within their workout.

There is a breathing technique in yoga referred to as 4-7-8, this breathing technique is very effective in calming the nerves.

Use some essential oils for anxiety in a diffuser while you stretch, and you will come out of your session feeling like a new person.

Yoga also works great because it’s not competitive, and you do not need to “push” yourself. However, that being said, some people get annoyed by this soft approach.

If you are looking for a more explosive release of energy to de-stress, then the next suggestion might be better for you.

• Kickboxing

A lady kneeing a boxing bag

Kicking is a common sport that most people engage in when they are angry or stressed. You can relieve your stress without harming your body by enrolling in a kickboxing class.

This workout falls within the category of a high cardio group, whereby you have to put in intense effort. However, classes like this offer excellent results.

This also increases the production of endorphins which are natural mood boosters that allow you to feel more positive.

The concentration needed for kickboxing helps to stay away from the harmful thoughts and focus on the good ones.

So next time you feel depressed or stressed, consider enrolling in a kickboxing class to literally kick away the stress.

• Hiking

A lady hiking amongst a hill

Most people go hiking as a way to exercise their body and for fun, but did you know that hiking can also impact your mental health?

Taking in the scenery of the great outdoors and the copious amounts of fresh air can help reduce negative and obsessive thoughts, as shown in this research.

Walking in nature also helps to get you get a perspective on things. Allowing you to think things through whilst enjoying nature. So, if you have something troubling you, why not consider taking a 30 minute nature walk.

• Running

A woman’s silhouette running at sunset

Running happens to be among the highest rated workout routine across the globe.
This is because it helps in toning the body, building muscles and weight loss. Research conducted by specialists concluded that running not only helps the body, it also has excellent results on the mind. Which is great news for those with depression.
Continuous running can cause a meditative effect. Allowing the  runner to shift their minds from a negative thought process and focus on the activity at hand. Another benefit of running is that it enables the person to sleep better at night. This happens due to the physical relaxation and the calmer mind increasing the production of sleep hormones.
• Dancing

A group of people dancing

Bust a move to kick away that stress and depression.
Your favorite music can usually snap you out of a negative mood. Our favourite songs can offer a stress therapy through there lyrics.
Dance can help boost your confidence and even allow you to start to feel better about yourself. Dancing also increases production of dopamine which is essential for feeling merry.
Choosing a dance you enjoy will increase your enjoyments and stress relief benefits.
It releases feel-good hormones essential for improving your sense of well-being.
It helps to shift one’s mind from the negative factors and focus on good ones.
Exercising can help a person gain confidence in themselves.
You might be able to improve on your social interaction. Since exercise can help you to interact with other people.
It is a healthy method of coping with depression and anxiety.

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