Planning on making a house a home.

It is easy to get carried away when caught up in the house buying process. As solicitors and lenders work out the finer details you may find yourself daydreaming about colour schemes and soft furnishings.

That’s okay, after all, you’re only human.


Some people focus on these things because they feel that they have no control over the purchasing aspect. Others do so out of excitement and eagerness. No matter what the reason, planning the interior of your home can be a great thing.

Shop around

Once you know what you want in your home, it is time to source your furnishings at a great price. After all buying a house can be costly, therefore it makes sense to try and save money elsewhere. From cheap windows to dining tables there are bargains to be found.

Thanks to the internet and price comparison companies you no longer have to go with the first company you find. Being money savvy means that you may have the cash to buy that extra item you’ve had your eye on.

Living the dream

Adam and I have a few things that we want for the house, things that we won’t compromise on and if that means we have to be saving savvy then so be it. We know it will be worth it to get our:

Corner sofa – Like most couples, we enjoy snuggling together whilst watching the television. Unfortunately, with Adam being a whole foot taller than me it can be hard to do this on certain sofas, which makes a corner settee the perfect solution. These sort of sofas also utilise space well.

Sound system – Admittedly this isn’t high on my list but it is top of Adams. Adam envisions sound bars and speakers offering an in-house cinema experience.

Rattan furnitureAs an avid reader I imagine our garden being a place of serenity and somewhere that makes the ideal reading spot. I adore the look of the rattan daybeds and can visualise myself reading on one of those whilst getting a good dose of vitamin D.

Outdoor rattan furniture on a sunny patio

Future plans

We fell in love with our future home and hope that it will be our home for a good few years. We’ve already talked about extending should our needs grow and another thing that I would love us to consider is bifold doors. These doors are not only energy efficient and flexible but they also help you to improve the natural lighting to your home.

I daydream of garden parties with our doors pulled back and utilising the space to the best of its ability. I picture our doors in a grey with a satin silver handle. In fact, I never realised how many colour and fixture options there were until I discovered bifold door online designer.

The truth is I could easily get carried away planning the interior of our future home but honestly I am scared that I will jinx it all.


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