A Mother’s Story by Amanda Prowse

I deserve all this because I did the worst thing a woman can do. The very worst. 
Jessica’s wedding was like a fairytale. She looked radiant in a dress strewn with crystals. Her Dad conquered his nerves and made a tearful speech. And her gorgeous husband Matthew declared himself the luckiest man alive. Together, Jessica and Matthew feel like they can take on the world. 
But when their beautiful baby girl is born, Jessica’s gripped with panic and fear. She can’t tell anyone how she feels. Even when her life starts to spiral out of control… 
This is her story. A mother’s story.
I’ve reworded this review many times because I’m scared to ruin even one sentence of what is a poignant, gripping and truly beautiful read. Which is why this review doesn’t share any story details.
What I will say is:
A Mother’s Story is a beautifully written portrayal of one woman’s journey into motherhood.
Within the pages Amanda Prowse has captured plenty of emotion and leaves the reader feeling empathetic towards our main protagonist Jessica, whilst being sympathetic towards those encapsulated within her life!
Prowse’s characters are real and flawed and it is this that pulls the reader into a world that feels every bit as real as breathing. I found myself astounded by the sensitivity and emotion that’s s embedded within this story
The way Prowse handled this delicate subject left me in awe, her ability to allow you to see it through every characters perspective is a gift
Despite the story following Jessica, there are moments of insight into other characters and their thoughts and feelings.
Within this deeply moving story, there are light moments and many of those come in the form of Polly. 
There was something so wonderful about Polly and the love and support she offered, at times she felt like a beacon of light in the darkest of tunnel
I cannot recommend this book enough, let Amanda Prowse open your eyes and talk to your heart……


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