Apple ‘Gather Round’

As latest rumours declare that Apple is set to announce three new iPhones I find myself eagerly anticipating today’s keynote
At 6 pm (UK time) Apple will live stream from the Steve Jobs Theatre. Here members of the media will take their seats for the special event, as the 1,000-seat auditorium plays host to those invited by Apple to ‘Gather round’. Whilst seats to the event are highly sought after, the public can tune in via weblink.
With the 2018 keynote offering a hive of activity I found myself delving into the tech sites and the rumours amongst them.
First up is the announcement of a phone reminiscent of the 5C.
The XC/iPhone 9 has had people deeming it this years ‘budget-friendly iPhone’. Rumours going round say that the phone features a 6.1 inch LCD screen with facial recognition. Like the 5C it will be available in a range of colours and host a single lens camera.
The phone’s estimated to cost around £550, which could certainly be queried in regards to being ‘budget friendly’
However, with the other two phones rumoured to be between £799 and £1049, you can see why Apple think this one is more within the realms of the budget.
Bigger the better

As a self-declared ‘fangirl’ I find myself intrigued by the rumour that there is a 6.5 inch OLED screen waiting in the wings.

As someone with poor vision, I have nothing but love for bigger phones. In fact, I am hoping that the newer handsets will pay homage to the iPhone X and offer minimal casing.
Having said that I will need to address the cost issue before declaring myself in love with the new handsets.

One of my favourite features of my iPhone 8 Plus is the portrait mode. This is something that I really hope they have kept or improved on. I would hate to see it go the way of the earphone jack and can only hope they’ve added extra features to it.

What are you expecting to see from this year’s keynote?


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