Sightseeing in Stuttgart

You might know Stuttgart as the capital of the heart of the manufacturing hub. However, this German city is, in fact, famous for a lot of things,

Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Garden
Located 15 mins from the centre of Stuggart the zoo can be easily reached using public transport.
Famous for its cross climate zones, the Withelma houses over 1200 species. And allows guests the chance to walk around the 70-acre parkland where they can view the 1000+ animals that live there.
These include apes, birds of prey, jaguars, bears and many more. The park also welcomes foxes, hares and other animals on to its grounds to roam freely.
Prices: €16 for an adult and €8 for a child.
Neues Schloss and Altes Schloss

If you are a fan of architecture and grandeur then you will love visiting the Neues Schloss and Altes Schloss.

The Neues Schloss or New Palace as it is also known was once the home of Duke Charles Eugene. It is now used by the state, which means that unless booked on a tour you can only view the building from its grounds. 
However, the Old Castle,  Altes Schloss is now an established museum, housing the Landesmuseum Württemberg. The museum King Wilhelm I founded the museum in 1862. it became castle property in 1948.

The museum offers free admission to the permanent collections it houses.

 Cannstatter Volksfest
Founded in 1818 by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg and his wife Katharina. This festival averages 4 million visitors yearly.
Cannstatter Volksfest lasts for 17 days and hosts over 330 traders including jewellery and leather goods. As well as the beer and food the festival is famous for.
Admission to the event is free. With food, beverages and rides charged on the day. Throughout the 17 day period, the festival hosts two family days. On these days guests can enjoy special events and offers on items purchased.

Tables can be reserved in festival tents, guests are asked to contact the tent organisers directly (this can be done via the Cannstatter Volksfest website.

Since Stuttgart is the hub of the manufacturing industry it wouldn’t be right to visit the city without a trip to one or both of the cities car museums:

Mercedes Benz Museum

Celebrating the history of the Mercedes since its invention in 1886, the museum allows visitors the chance to view over 160 vehicles as well as other exhibits.

Admission is €10, reduced with free entry for children (up to and including the age of 14).

The Porsche Museum

with over 80 vehicles and many small exhibits are on display the Porsche Museum offers visitors the chance to learn more about the history of the vehicle invented by Professor Ferdinand Porsche.

Admission costs €8, with free admission for children up to and including 14 years of age.

Stuttgart zoo

Stuttgart Culinary Specials (the black forest region)
Spätzle – This pasta dish is traditionally served as an accompaniment to soup. But when served with chese it can double up as a main meal, making it an equivalent to mac and cheese.
Maultaschen – Fans of ravioli will love this dish. This doughy pasta can be either boiled or fried and is often presented as a main dish. Authentic Maultaschen can contain either sauerkraut and spinach or minced meat.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, – Or as we know it, black forest cake.  This chocolate sponge cake with a rich cherry filling originated in the black forest region of Germany.

Black forest cake

Navigating Stuttgart

Stuttgart has a light rail system (Stadtbahn) that will help you travel short distances. If you wish to travel longer distances the tourist board suggests you use the S-Bahn.

If You wish to view the sights of the city there is a tour bus available. This hop-on-hop-off service ranges from €15-€25 per ticket depending on the tour you wish to participate in. All tickets are valid for 24 hours.

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