Meeting the parents – helping your partner dress for the occasion.

So you started dating this guy, and things are getting serious. Your mother is pestering you to introduce him to your family, and you have finally given in. First impressions matter, you want your man to look his best. Below you will find a few tips on how to help him impress your parents and look good.

Casual and Smart

You don’t want to show that you are making a huge fuss over him meeting your family. A smart casual outfit for a dinner date will work much better than a three-piece suit. You will also have to consider the location and time of the day when selecting the outfit for your man. For example, for an afternoon tea, you might want them to look more casual, while if you are going to a posh restaurant, they will need to make more of an effort and maybe even polish their shoes to impress.


It is also important that you don’t introduce a plain Joe to your parents, and help your man get their personality out through their style. Check out the latest scarves at John Henric UK if you are heading out for dinner at night. Also, remember to pay attention to the coat and watch, as well. After all, mothers will check this first.  

Hands interlocked by little fingers


Even if your new man is rough and ready, you still want them to look smart and respectable when they meet your parents. There is a difference between being themselves and not taking care of their appearance. Surprise them with a Turkish head massage and shave, and make them look their best on the day they meet your parents. Well-groomed men will always impress people more than those with unruly hair and beard.

Staying Natural

It is still important that you don’t change the habits and appearance of your man, as they will hopefully meet your parents again. Don’t force them to try to look someone else, and help them stay natural. If they have a couple of gray hairs here and there, let them be proud of it, instead of trying to get them to disappear.

Dress Alike

You will need to show the harmony between the two of you, and that means that you need to match your outfit with your man’s when you are heading out to meet your parents. If you overdress or underdress him, you will look like you are not on the same page, and your parents will notice this. Choose your outfit and accessories well on time and make sure you look like a real couple.

Introducing your new partner to your parents might be a challenge and scary at first. Help him look his best and make sure that you are looking like a couple. Choose matching colours and accessories, and you will both impress your critical family.



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