Midlands Whisky Festival: Birmingham 2018

On Saturday the 15th of September my brother and I headed into Birmingham city centre to attend the Midlands Whisky Festival. We arrived at the studio on Cannon street ready to sample some of the finest whisky’s known to man.


Whisky has always been a tipple that the men in my family have enjoyed. In fact, on several occasions, I remember adding a new bottle to my dad’s collection. Whilst my brother can tell you tales of sharing a dram or two with my dad, I sadly can’t. My first foray into the world of fermented grain came about on the day of my dads funeral.

if I’m honest, my dad was the catalyst for my decision to attend the event. I knew that had he been alive he would’ve loved a whole day dedicated to whisky. Which is why my brother was the obvious choice for my plus one.

Two dra glasses on top of a Midland whisky festival leaflet


This year the show introduces new experiences with spaces and oodles of new distillers to this luxury tasting experience. For the first time ever we are introducing the Fine and Rare bar, where you can take your palate to new heights with drams, new and old, featuring whiskies from a bygone era.

From Scotch, Irish, Swedish and French to Japanese, American and Indian whiskies, Midlands Whisky Festival is the ultimate place to sample your favourite tipples and discover new finds.


On arrival at the Studio, we collected our wristbands, dram glasses and a dream dram token.

Included in the ticket price were a vast array of standard drams which were at the majority of stalls. Some stalls also featured a premium whisky, it was this whisky that you could exchange your token for. The prices ranged between 1 and 3 tokens and could get you a dram that retailed at over £1000 a bottle.

There were 31 premium whiskies listed at the event, from brands including Glenfarclas and Fine & Rare Bar.

A table set up with an array of premium whiskies

Our first standard dram of the day was Jameson’s Black Barrel. This is a smooth whisky that has a subtle spiciness to it as well as a fruity aftertaste.

I wanted to start the day with a Jameson as this was one of my dads favourite brands and the one I drank at his wake. It seemed fitting for us to start our sibling day with a drink that reminded us of our dad.

A create with a bottle and box for Jemeson Black Barrel

As we made our way around the stalls sampling all sorts of whiskies. We tried a variety of flavours from fruity to oaky and smooth to dry. There were ones that we could imagine drinking again and others that left us gasping for water.

On our journey around the exhibition, I was able to try a gin and several bourbons. One of which made it on to my favourites list and also came with an interesting fact.

Early Times is a brand of Kentucky whiskey distilled in Shively, Kentucky, by the Brown-Forman Corporation. Which is one of the largest North American-owned companies in the spirits and wine business.

The company also markets Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia Vodka, Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Chambord.

A bottle of Old Forrester and Early Times

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