Achieving a blissful bathroom

Everyone loves a good bathroom, or at least we hope they do. I have to say though, it’s definitely one of the forgotten rooms of the home. Instead, people like to decorate the living room, or renovate the kitchen. Maybe it is because it isn’t often that people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Which unfortunately means that this is the room which people tend to forget, and that’s what I want to try and change today.

Below I’ve compiled some perfect ways that you can create the most luxurious bathroom. It might mean that you have to dig into your pocket a little, but it will all be worth it in the end.

So, have a read on and discover ways to transform your bathroom!

Make It Modern

The first thing you should think about doing, is make your bathroom as modern as you possibly can. You can achieve this with or without renovating it. You can instantly make a difference by swapping the shower curtain to a glass partition. This is a option budget friendly option so don’t feel as though you have to go crazy. if you do want to go for something super modern, then you could go down the route of renovation.

Bathroom renovations don’t take long to do.. If you want my advice, go for the dark colour scheme. Dark tiles with white features look truly luxurious, and create an illusion of relaxation that’s needed, but often missing in the bathroom. I also think that a dark theme offers a spa like effect that we could do with from time to time. And the contrast between the dark tiles and white features looks amazing.

Make It Cosy

Making it cosy might sound odd to you. You’re probably usually one to rush around and barely spend any time in the bathroom. Well, if that is you, you’re not putting it to good use. You need to get things such as hotel quality bath towels, as well as scents to make the room smell amazing.

Towel warmers are also a must, these give you a cosy feeling when you get out of the bath or shower. The cosier you make it, the longer you’re going to want to spend in it.

If you have a bath installed, it’s a lot easier to make it cosier than you might think!

Make It To Die For

If you want to make it to die for, you have to go all out with the features that you put in. Why not go for a little Hollywood style and try under floor heating. It’s such a nice feeling to have!

Having a deep sunk bath and a walk in shower is also to die for. However, I know that space doesn’t always allow. So, if you’re a bath person, get the deepest sunk bath you can find with a waterfall tap flowing, this looks so fancy! As for the shower people, a stone walk in shower looks great, has a spa like feeling, and isn’t too expensive to sort!

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