Holding on to the honeymoon period

When couples first enter the throes of a relationship they’re said to be in the ’Honeymoon Period’. It is at this stage that couples experience a state of heightened emotions and sexual feelings. When endorphins are flying around and everything feels fresh and exciting.
Research suggests that the average honeymoon period lasts around 6 months. Around this time the excitement starts to dim a little as couples find themselves entering a new phase in their relationship. For some this new stage can be daunting and lead you to wonder

How do you keep the excitement alive?

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Romantic texts
Whether you live apart or together, there is nothing stopping you from telling the one you love how you feel. This can be in the form of a romantic text or a sultry sext. Texts help to let your partner know that you are thinking of them.
Be excited to see one another
Couples can often fall into a trap when it comes to seeing each other on a daily basis. What was once excited kisses and warm cosy hugs might now be replaced with a nod of acknowledgement as they enter a room. Change it, grab your partner and kiss them as they walk through the door, show them that you’ve been thinking about them.
Surprise them
Plan a night out, a breakaway or even cook them their favourite food. Surprising your partner can stop you from feeling like you have fallen into a routine of monotony, as well as helping to keep the excitement alive.
Date night

It is easy to get complacent when you see a lot of each other. Which means that often couples fall into a rut when spending time together, replacing romantic meals for a night in with the remote.  And whilst it is great to feel comfortable in each others company and enjoy the silence with the one you love. It is healthier for your relationship to have some time dedicated to each other. So why not leave time in your schedules for regular date nights/days.

Technology free time

Are you guilty of scrolling through social media of an evening and ignoring the surroundings you are in? Then this is definitely something you should address. Whether it’s one hour a day or a regular evening a week make a vow for both of you to turn your phone off and enjoy each others company. Be in the present!


When couples first get together they can often be caught up in a blissful whirlwind of dates. But throughout every stage of your relationship, it is important to make sure you still see your friends. This allows you to not only have things to talk about when with your partner but it also allows you both time to miss each other.


Share your fantasies, your hopes and dreams and everything in between. If you can’t share these things with your partner, who can you share them with? Sharing a fantasy whether sexual or other allows the two of you the option to make it a reality, thus bringing some more excitement into your lives.

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