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After upgrading my iPhone to the XS Max I found myself with a data filled contract. However, I know for a fact that some months I won’t go anywhere near my data allowance and will end up technically paying for data I haven’t used.

“According to research by uSwitch, data waste is a big problem in the UK”

This left me thinking, is there a network that allows you to keep the data that you don’t use.

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That’s when I discovered….


At the end of each month, Smarty will take back any data that you haven’t used and will discount your next month. Because Smarty charge you £1.25 per GB this is also the rate they give customers when they buy GB’s back.

Not only do Smarty pay for GB’s they will also calculate a rate for any left over MB’s too,

THREE plans

Powered by Three network, Smarty offers its customers small (2gb), medium (4gb) and large (8gb) plans. These range from £7.50, £10 and £15 which all offer unlimited UK standard calls and texts.

“With SMARTY, you buy monthly plans in advance – which you can renew, pause or cancel at any time”

Get Smarty

This savvy sim only contract offers flexibility and no hassle. In fact, you can even use your phone allowance when in the EU.

   “On a mission to make mobile simple and honest”

*Note that average UK figures include contracts that come with a handset as well as SIM-only contracts. However, according to HandsetExpert.com, customers are wasting an average of £92 a year on smartphone contracts when they’d be better off buying a handset outright and pairing it with a SIM-only tariff.

Smarty plans are great for:
  • People who never hit their contract allowance
  • Teenagers
  • People who are having trouble securing a contract because of their credit score. (Smarty is pay in advance, which means that a credit check is not carried out)
  • Students
What their customers say

Smarty customers give them five stars on Trustpilot and recommend them for their online customer service, the fact that they allow you to transfer your old number and the coverage they offer.

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*This post was created in collaboration with Smarty.

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