The Key To Creating Perfect Wedding Day Keepsakes

When you get married, you’re going to want to do as much as you can to remember the big day – after all, it’s probably going to be one of the most exciting and expensive days of your life! You’re naturally going to want keepsakes that you can look back on and smile at. So, without further adieu, here are some fantastic ideas that any married-couple-to-be can use: 

A brides hand holding her bouquet with a close up of her wedding ring.

Create A Wedding Scrapbook

Start your wedding scrapbook right from the planning stages. Not only will you see how your wedding evolves and forms, you can include things like your wedding journey thoughts, comments from people you love, and more. 

Have A Wedding Guest book

A wedding guest book allows you to collect comments from people that are closest to you. Whenever you read these messages, you’ll likely feel all warm and fuzzy! There are all kinds of guestbook styles depending on your tastes, from a physical book, to a puzzle. 

Create Your Very Own 3D Shadow Box

A shadow box is used to highlight the key memories of your wedding day. You can put a wedding invite inside of it, as well as a save the date, a photo from the big day, a piece of jewelry, and some of your decor. Get creative and have fun with it! 

Make A Time Capsule

To make your time capsule you can choose whichever kind of storage item that suits you best, from a beautiful box to a vintage suitcase. You can put place cards, bits of decor, and other items in here that you may want to look at years later. You may want to show it to your children before/on their big day! Just don’t bury it in the garden like a traditional time capsule – probably best to store it in a cupboard or loft. 

Have A Photo Album

Create a photo album using all of the gorgeous pictures that you have collected from your wedding. Assuming you chose a fantastic wedding photographer that suited your style, you should have plenty of pictures that you love. You could have one album filled with the professional shots, and another filled with shots taken by guests. 

Have Wooden Signs Made

You can use wooden signs as part of your decor on your big day, and then use them to bring a rustic touch to your home afterwards. 

Make An Amazing Wedding Playlist

Make a wedding playlist filled with songs from your big day. You could ask your DJ for the songs they played, and then use a platform like Spotify to create your playlist. Each time you listen to your playlist you’ll be transported back to your big day. 

Creating your wedding day keepsakes is totally personal to you. Only use the tips here that you really love, and make sure you put your own spin on things for good measure. Do you have any tips or ideas of your own that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below! 

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