Dining Rooms, Perfect for Dinner Parties

A very exciting and non-scary part of adulting is having friends and family round to your house and hosting dinner parties. If you’ve just bought a new place or moved in with a partner or friend, then it’s the perfect way to show your friends and family your new abode.

To throw the perfect dinner parties, you’re going to need the ideal dining room and tableware to host your guests, so here’s a guide to creating the right ambiance and surroundings no matter what space you have to play with.

Perfect parties

Regardless of how big your dining room or space is, the first thing you need to consider is how you will be using it. Are you going to be having breakfast and dinner in there every day or will you save it special occasions and when people are round?  

Make sure you plan and prepare before you go shopping for any new furniture; measure your room or space and decide what it is you need and how many people you need to be able to fit at the table or in the room. Buying dining room furniture is not something you do on a whim, so you need to guarantee it’s going to fit.

Dark wood dining table adorned with a vase with dark blue flowers. Around the table are white chairs with metal framework

Shapes and sizes

The longer the room you have, then the longer table you will need. It may seem obvious, but you don’t want to waste space, but equally, if you don’t have much space, don’t try and cram something in just because you like it. At a dinner party, you’ll need to be serving dishes, laying the table, clearing the table and pouring the wine; your guests will also need to get out to use the toilet or go outside, so there needs to be adequate space for people to move around and get in and out.

If you have a long room, then don’t waste space with a circle table, but consider one of these if you have a small room or just a corner.

Extending tables are an excellent idea for if you don’t need the space all the time and you can just get it out when necessary.

The table is your main focus but then comes the chairs. Different designs can really add to the decor in the room rather than all matching. Instead of trying to find chairs like this, a really simple idea is to get plain chairs and then invest in some chair covers which can you can wash and change whenever you want to.

A dark wooden table and chairs, decorated ready for a dinner table complete with candle light

It’s all in the detail

Chandeliers are often associated with dining rooms, but if you were looking for something slightly less formal, then some hanging lanterns are ideal. Or if you don’t want to invest in some lighting the candles for the table are very effective.

Finally, something you cannot do without is a good dinner set; a nice collection of side plates, starter plates, dinner plates, and bowls as well as a good selection of red and white wine glasses. It is also worthwhile investing in some decent cutlery as the little touches really make all the difference.

Happy hosting!

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