Don’t dread redecorating

You’ve been looking around your home for months now, eyeing up all of the things you don’t like. You have walked around other people’s homes, and eyed up a few things they’ve got that you haven’t.

You’ve been having a cheeky look at interior design websites, and you’ve been doing just about anything else to make you jealous of what you could have. But when it actually comes to it, the thought of going through the effort to change everything is just all too much, so you bottle it for another few weeks until the thought pops into you head. I know redecorating can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the bum, but there are plenty of ways that you can make it a little more enjoyable. If not enjoyable, then you can definitely make it easier on yourself! Follow my advice below, and get stuck in to your much needed redecorating day.

A room with floor to ceiling windows, a large sofa, tv and coffee table.

It’s Not All About The Big Changes

The big changes are the ones that we dread the most. We think about the wallpaper that needs stripping, the carpet that needs pulling up, and all we can think about is how much of a nightmare all of that is going to be. But it’s not all about these changes. If your wallpaper is fine, why the need to change it!? Small changes such as getting some new blinds or curtains can make a difference to a room. If you shop for window blinds, you’ll find such an array of choices, some of which will be more suited to your room than others. Getting small accessories such as a new coffee table and a lamp can also add a new flare to the room. If you make enough small changes, the whole room can look completely different, without the hassle of the big changes you were going to make.

More Hands The Better

If you live on your own, or perhaps you live with a partner that’s less DIY minded than even you are, then you can often be left to do the job on your own. If that’s not daunting enough, you can often feel as though everything you’re going to do will just be wrong. So, the more hands the merrier with this one, see if you can rope in family members to help you out. Perhaps your brother if you have one, or your parents. They will have no doubt redecorated their own home many times! If not, you could always think about splashing the cash and getting a decorator to do the work for you.

Tips & Tricks

If you want it do right and fast, you’re going to need some tips and tricks to help you out. Tip number one is to always shop in the discounted section to get the things you need. You can save so much money if you really bargain hunt before doing this. Tip number two is to make sure you’re spreading the jobs out over a weekend or two. Rushed redecorating is often sloppy, so make sure you’re taking your time to perfect it.

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