Killer Heels by Rebecca Chance

Starry-eyed ingenue Coco Raeburn is passionately ambitious. She will do anything – and anyone – to get her own editorship at a top fashion magazine. And her ruthless boss Victoria Glossop, editor at top UK fashion magazine Style, will do everything in her power to stop her…
But Victoria has her own ambitions – she wants the top job at Style’s US headquarters, and nothing will come between her and her dream. Uber-svengali Jacob Dupleix, media magnate, owner of Style, and one of the most powerful men in New York and London, is used to controlling all he sees.
But when Victoria demands that he give her the US Style editorship, he gives in, little realizing that his empire could be about to fall apart. In New York, mentor and voice of calm in a storm, Mereille watches the shifts of power with detached amusement. If only they knew quite how much power she could wield if she had to…
Step into the world of fashion journalism, bitchiness at its best. Meet Coco, Victoria and Mereille, 3 women all striving to make it to the top.
Other than their common goal to succeed they also share a sexual past/present with Jacob Dupleix (the head of the empire they strive to succeed in). Coco is Jacob’s present, his new protégé, the one he can mould the most. He strives for her to be a size zero, wear what he asks and perform how he likes. Victoria and Mereille know the routine, after all Mereille was his first ever protégé and when he finished with her, in walked Victoria.
They know how this works, Jacob helps a woman out and when she has reached perfection he moves on to the next, but with Coco he seems different. Could it be love?
Killer Heels is a fabulous read that has strong female characters, all with ambition and drive. Told via a dual timeline, the story travels between past and present, as well sharing in three narratives.
Every one of the woman have their flaws (show me someone who doesn’t).
  • Coco is naive. She’s been taken in by Jacob and eager to please him she becomes weight obsessed. Caught up in her new world she starts to forget her roots.
  • Victoria isn’t a nice employer. And I’m sure if we asked her husband Jeremy, we would find out she isn’t a nice wife either.
  • Mereille is cunning and will befriend people to see what she can gain from them.
But even with all their flaws and the dramatic twist towards the end, I couldn’t help but like them all.
Because we gain from all their perspectives you get to see it through everyone’s eyes. Which is why I liked them all, you discover the reason behind their actions.
Not only is the book glamorous, bitchy and fast paced but it’s a sexy read as well. It isn’t sex on every page but there’s enough in it to keep 50 shades fans happy. In fact it’s more empowering because in some of the encounters the female is the dominant one. I for one, will never look at kitchen cabinets in the same light.
So we’ve discussed the girls, now let’s discuss the guys;
Jacob as you’ve already discovered is power hungry and very dominating. When it comes to relationships he likes to have control, whether that’s over what they wear or what position he ties them up in. He always makes sure he asserts his authority. For most of the book I actually felt that Jacob was the most honest of characters… he laid his cards on the line to all the women he dated and he came good on a promise, But opinions can change and believe me, mine did!
Then as a complete polar opposite we have Xavier. Good looking, thoughtful, caring. Someone who will make sure you’re pleasured in the bedroom without whips and chains. Xavier, is the guy most women dream of meeting the one that can take your breath away with a look. He is the one I rooted for, the one I never wanted to get hurt. A good guy in a world where they seem few and far between.
I could gush on about this book for days but I don’t want to ruin it for yo. So please put on your slippers and give your feet a rest, read Killer Heels today!

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