Bring Some Fun To Your Wedding Reception

Every couple want their wedding to be memorable and fun, not just for themselves but for their guests as well. The best way to ensure that this is achieved is to plan a few things beforehand.

Make Sure The Children Are Sorted

You could have a ‘no children’ wedding but let’s be honest that will likely  upset some people and they may not attend. The secret is to make sure the kids are all sorted so that the parents can enjoy themselves. Have tables for the children to sit at away from the adults. And maybe have a think about employing a nanny to look after them for a few hours. These details can be a real bonus for the parents.

Children’s entertainers are also a good idea, as then everyone else can just enjoy the day without worrying about little ones. Activity packs are also a great idea for those on a budget, with colouring and stickers young children will be occupied for an hour or two.

Keep The Toasts Short

Ask anyone that is going to make a speech to keep it short, 2 to 3 minutes at the most. These can get tedious after a while, and as there is usually several, the shorter they all are the better.

The First Dance

All eyes will be on you for the first dance. Start off with something soft and romantic and suddenly turn it up a notch to something with a bit more kick, and to your taste – you don’t have to go with the top 40 if that’s not your thing. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen in on the act and let them join you for a rehearsed dance.

Your guests will be surprised and amazed, and it will start the evening off with a ‘wow’.

Food Stations

You may have had a sit-down meal, but as time wears on your guests may start to get peckish. Have several food stations with different types of food that they can help themselves to. Then they can put together their own ideal snacks. Which is what you want, as well-fed friends are most likely to enjoy themselves.

A dessert station, complete with cakes, puddings and other treats

Plan Some Surprises

Have some surprises planned that you would not usually expect at a wedding. Fun Pro UK has several things that are great wedding ideas. You could hire a classic photo booth, have a casino table for people to have fun at, some retro arcade games or maybe twin racing car simulators. There are other surprises too of course. You could hire a magician or some singers and dancers.  There is no end to the fun entertainments you can arrange.

Have A Lounge Area

You have to consider all of your guests and remember that some of them will just want to sit back, enjoy good food, good drink and good company. If your budget will allow, have a lounge area where people can do just that, and they will be forever grateful.

Finish Off With A Bang

Signal the end of the evening with a firework display. Most people love this sort of thing and will remember always how your day finished.

From start to finish it will be a long day, so make sure you are well rested for the few days before. You will have a lot to do in preparation, but if you are tired you will not look your best or enjoy your wedding as much as you should.

Beautifully vibrant fireworks cast against a dark blue sky.

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