In an engaged daze

It’s been just over 4 weeks since Adam and I got engaged and we have already found ourselves inundated with the question ‘have you set a date yet?’ 
Whilst I would love to run wild setting a date, booking venues and head out dress shopping. Our key goal before marriage is to set up a home together.  
However, this doesn’t stop us talking about what we would or wouldn’t like for our big day…

I love the idea of getting married in a hotel or country house that offers exquisite views as a backdrop to our wedding pictures. I imagine an indoor ceremony with staged photos captured on the hotel grounds as guests enjoy a glass of fizz on the terrace. Then it’s back inside for the reception. 

As much as marquees and outdoor weddings appeal to me I find that these plans are too reliant on the weather. And I would hate to feel like  there was a chance that rain could change the course of my day.


When it comes to picking the venue, location is key. I come from a large extended family and understand that not everyone can budget for astronomical taxi fares/hotel rooms. Which is why I need to make sure the venue is in easy reach of the majority.


From bouquets to table settings, I imagine the venue to be adorned with lovely flowers . The flowers will be chosen with the colour scheme in mind. But personally I would love a bouquet that features roses and freesias. For the tables I would like them to mirror my bouquet but with the addition of gerberas.

A black and white photo that features a close up of a wedding bouquet.


Forget classic cars and camper vans, my dream car to get me to my wedding venue is a Mitsubishi Shogun. From a very early age I’ve loved big cars and the Shogun was always a firm favourite. Either that or the Lexus RX, a car both my dad and I loved.


I’m a coeliac and as much as I won’t expect my guests to eat gluten free, this will heavily impact my decision on choosing a caterer. If I’m honest the idea of finding a venue that offers a carvery is very appealing. I’ve seen gluten free, vegetarians and dairy free eaters enjoy this meal as it allows everyone the option to choose what they eat. Which will hopefully cut down on waste and make for full and happy guests.

The evening buffet will be created with allergens and cross contamination in mind. It might sound silly to some, but what bride wants to be ill on their wedding day.

Plenty of planning

There’s a lot to discuss and a lot to organise, not to mention a lot to save. But the most important thing of all to both Adam and I, is that those we love are there to share in our special day.

* This is a collaborative post

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