The Four Step Formula To A Festive Home

The most magical time of the year is almost here. A time where lots of people are looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with their families at home or hosting friends. For this reason, getting your house looking festive, cosy and welcoming is likely to be on the to-do list. If you want to create that beautiful Christmas atmosphere at home, there are a 4 simple, foolproof steps to making your home ready for the festive season.

A close up picture of a decorated tree with a close up of a Mickey shaped bauble in a pink colour with half of it glittery.

  • Choose A Christmas Colour Scheme

In interior trends, different colours come and go in and out of fashion, and the same can be said for Christmas decor. Try to resist the urge to follow the fashion and go for something that’s currently in trend. That navy blue and bronze colour scheme on a festively laid table may look chic in the interiors magazine this year, but when purple and silver are in the following year, you will have to re-buy a whole new set of decorations.

Far better to stick to a classic combination like cream and gold or red and green. That way you can build onto your decorations each year, adding in special or more expensive Christmas tree ornaments alongside basic baubles. You’ll create a cohesive look that can extend through the hallway, living and dining areas. And it also gives you a timeless set of decorations you can keep and maybe even hand down to the next generation!

  • Create Some Kerb Appeal

That festive feeling begins outside the house itself, with a welcoming entrance that gives your guests a taste of things to come. ‘Kerb appeal’ is often talked about in house sales and describes making the outside of your house look inviting. For Christmas, think about ideas such as illuminating the front of the house with a laser projector, adding decorations to the exterior or adding fairy lights in trees and bushes to give a bit of extra sparkle. And don’t forget a gorgeous seasonal wreath to make a stylish statement of your front door.

  • Give Your Dining Table Some Impact

A lot of the focus during the festive period is on sharing delicious meals together with loved ones. Think crispy hoisin duck pancakes on New Year’s Eve, smoked salmon and Buck’s Fizz for Boxing Day brunch and of course the main event of Christmas Dinner. So creating a beautiful dining area should be your main priority to turn the meal into an experience. Add flair with accessories such as a woven metallic table runner, glass jars filled with mini baubles and LED fairy lights and beautiful place settings with gilded pine cones, holly or miniature ornaments.

  • Cosy Up Your Living Room

Save the best decorations for your living room, where you can add the cosy factor with knitted cushions, and snuggly faux fur throws on a brown leather sofa for an inviting look. Add some scented candles to get those Christmas smells of evergreen, gingerbread, cranberry and cinnamon floating around. Soon you’ll have an inviting space to spend time in.

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A perfectly decorated Christmas tree with white light. 

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