Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin

Christmas isn’t far away and to help build the excitement of the festive season Holly Martin has penned a beautiful story that will bring the magic of the festive season to life and leave you with a wonderful winter glow.

This is one of those stories that allows your imagination to fall in love and believe in everything that christmas promises and so much more.

Within this beautiful picturesque cover is a story set in the idyllic White Cliff Bay and this story is about:

Penny Meadows loves her home – a cosy cottage decorated with pretty twinkling fairy lights and stunning views over the town of White Cliff Bay. She also loves her job as an ice-carver, creating breathtaking sculptures. Yet her personal life seems frozen.
When Henry and daughter Daisy arrive at the cottage to rent the annex, Penny is determined to make them feel welcome. But while Daisy is friendly, Henry seems guarded.
As Penny gets to know Henry, she realises there is more to him than meets the eye. And the connection between them is too strong to ignore …
While the spirit of the season sprinkles its magic over the seaside town and preparations for the ice sculpting competition and Christmas eve ball are in full swing, can Penny melt the ice and allow love in her heart? And will this finally be the perfect Christmas she’s been dreaming of?I loved everything about this story from the wonderful setting to the absolutely incredible characters.

Penny is a remarkable character who has carved herself a wonderful life and is just missing someone to share it with it. This is the thing that I love most about the heroines in Holly Martin’s books, they don’t need a man in their life to make it successful they just want a man to add to the life they have built for themselves and it would have to be someone extremely special.

Which is where the swoon worthy hulking mass of manliness Henry comes in.

Yes Henry is slightly brooding and can be sulky at times but this man is an amazing father to his daughter Daisy and I defy anyone not to fall in love with him. Henry has hidden depths and if you fall in love with him instantly (like I did) then by the end of the book you find yourself wishing that you could jump head first into the pages and close the cover so that no one can steal your man!

But as much as I loved Henry and could see sttaight away why Penny found thus man attractive, it was Henry’s relationship with his daughter that made my heart swell with LOVE. If I’m honest it is this aspect of the story that is one of my absolute favourite things about this book. in fact I would say that this father and daughter relationship is the best family dynamic I have ever read. Henry and Daisy have such a wonderful bond and it makes for some beautiful reading as you discover why they are so close.

Allow Holly Martin into your home this festive season and open your heart to the warmth and magic of White Cliff Bay in Christmas at Lilac Cottage.


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