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Making the most of your home is not always the easiest thing to do. You may find that clutter gets collected, work takes over and you find little time to freshen up your home. So, with that in mind, here are some suggestion for getting a little bit more out of your property. And making it a safe haven from the challenge that can await in the world outside.

An interior shot of a cosy living room. With airforce blue walls a fireplace and two sofa’s


We’ve mentioned it above so it seems like the best place to start. None us know exactly where clutter comes from. Until one day you look around and realise you have accumulated all of this stuff, with nowhere to put it. Well, first of all the best place to start is to tidy up. But not just one where you hoover and throw stuff away. Instead take the time to sift through your belongings and create piles for things you would like to keep in the house, keep for the future and throw away.

The belongings you want to keep in the house should come with some sort of plan. Will they be a decorative piece or a book you want to read within a timescale. Stuff that you want to keep but have no immediate use for can be securely stored somewhere like Magenta self storage for safe keeping. As for the items you no longer use, you could consider donating them to charity and recycle anything they don’t want.


Decorating doesn’t just have to be painting. Some people look at a paintbrush and see a chore, but here we are looking at that same brush and seeing an opportunity. This is your chance, now that the clutter is no longer a worry, you can spruce up your home with a fresh lick of paint. Before getting started, consider what colour you want for each room. A friendly suggestion is to avoid going for colours that can cause you anxiety. Try lighter blues and greens for a calmer living space. Of course, you have to like the colour you choose, but relying on science to guide your decision is not the worse thing to do in this situation.

You’ve cleared the stuff that is hanging around. Next you might want to look at your furniture and identify anything that looks dated. Reupholstery is a good place to start, partly because it is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new sofa/chair. It also means you can keep the furniture you already have. If you don’t have any strong connection to your current setup, then you could start looking for new furniture you can afford. The shape of a room will dictate what seating you should be going for, so go online and have a look.

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