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When it comes to our homes, we usually think in terms of what’s happening on the inside. The decor choices, the furniture, the lighting, the comfort levels, and so on. While you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time getting these things just right, don’t end your journey of home improvement once it’s finished. There’s another area of your home that’s important, too: the outside, which includes the front yard and back garden. Below, we run through some ideas on how you can get this area of your property just right. None of the suggestions are particularly time consuming or expensive. Yet they will make a big difference to the external part of your property.

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Change the Front Door

There are some aspects of your home that make a big impact. One of these is the front door. It might not seem like it, but there’s a big difference between a run of the mill door and one that just pops. Of course, you’ll need to find one that’s in line with the overall look of your exterior. And also one that helps your home conserve heat, but have a look at picking a bold colour, such as red. They always get nods of approval by people who are passing by.

Adding Greenery

Most people think to make the back of their home all pretty with plants and flowers, yet don’t think to put any in the front of their home. Look at landscaping your front yard with hedges, plants, flowers, hanging baskets, and more. They work especially well in small front gardens, as they tend to look like mini forested areas, especially if they’re not all at shoe-level (try and get some off the ground). Plus, it adds another level of privacy to your home, too.

Options for Lighting the Way

Exterior lights aren’t used by as many people as they should be! You have two options, one is the motion sensor light which is activated when people approach your front door; it’s an excellent way to show off all the work you’ve put into the outside of your home when it’s dark! The other option is to go with spotlight lighting on the ground, which acts as something of a guided walkway to your front door. This is less functional, more atmospheric.

Add Decking

As we said earlier, most people take the time to make sure the “green side” of their back garden is in good condition. But sometimes all that effort is undone by something that’s so simple: the gap between the back door and the green space is so uninspiring. If that sounds familiar, then look at getting decking from George Hill Timber. It’ll make the space that’s immediately outside of your home much more aesthetically appealing And will also provide you with an area to put your outdoor furniture. Talking of which….

Outdoor Seating Options

Most everyone has got some kind of outdoor furniture in their garden, but they don’t always take the most sophisticated approach. If you fall under the “any furniture will do” camp, then look at upgrading. It’s well worth paying a little bit extra to have tables and chairs that are made of higher quality materials. You wouldn’t put any old furniture in your living room, so why take the approach for your garden space? You’ll appreciate having spent a little bit of extra time and money choosing the right option when you’re enjoying the outdoors during the summer months.

High-Class Glass

If you thought that all glass was created equally, then, well, you’re wrong. If you have untreated glass, it begins to get scratches, and the intensity of the clarity starts to fade. As such, sometimes the best thing you can do for the exterior look of your home is to change the windows. It might not sound like it would make much of a difference, but it will.

Keep Thing Trim and Ordered

We’re all pretty adept at keeping the inside of our in tip-top condition. But we often leave the outside areas to their own devices. And you can see why, since it’s true that it’s more difficult for these spaces to become cluttered or untidy. It is recommended, however, that you take steps to keep things looking trim. Even if that just means cutting the grass and trimming the hedge. They’ll give your gardens that neat and orderly look and feel. Make your outside area reflect the quality of the inside!

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