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Falling in love is something truly special indeed. It’s something that changes you and completes you – no matter what some might say. Finding that one special person to spend your life with is incredible. And so, when you do realise that you’ve found the one, you might want to move things along pretty quickly. And, in fact, things might move along at a pacier speed themselves. Before long, he’ll of put a ring on it and wedding bells with be a ringing! But, this is a change of lifestyle that can be quite stressful for some.

Gone are the days where a wedding was a simple affair with close family and friends and a buffet at the village hall. Now, some of us will still prefer to do this. It’s a tradition and such a beautiful way to focus on the marriage side of things too. But these days, it’s safe to say that couples can get all wrapped up in the idea of the big wedding day. Things are elaborate and expensive and it can not only be hard to plan but tough to pay for too. So, what are your options?

Save The Date (Then Save For It)

First of all, you’ve always got the option to save the date, and then save up for the wedding. So, give yourself a long enough time – whether it’s a year, two years, or more, and then set saving goals. You could even look to earn more money on the side so that you can put this towards the wedding too.

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Find Funding

But also, you could look to find funding for your wedding. People are either savers or borrowers. And if you know that you don’t want to wait to save, but you’re happy to make monthly payments for a while, then funding could be perfect for you. Here, you’re going to want to consider your options from personal loans to guarantor wedding loans too. And sure, you can charge some payments to a credit card, but this is an expensive way of doing things.


Next up, you might want to think about skipping the UK and heading abroad. With the average cost of a wedding still on the rise, and over the £20,000 mark, you’ve got a lot to navigate if you stay here in the UK. So, instead, you could consider a wedding abroad that could be much cheaper. But, this might not be the idea for a lot of people. Only consider it if this is something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Keep Things Classic

Or, finally, if the idea of this is completely freaking you out and you really do want to keep the cost down, then go classic. Don’t worry about what others will say, just do what you want. Keep the ceremony small and local, no frills but all the fun. And the chances are, that people are going to enjoy themselves way more than if you did something fancy and over the top anyway! So stick to your budget, and go for what you can afford.

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