Ways To Wind Down Before Bedtime

Sleep is something that we all need to stay healthy so that we’re able to function daily without feeling run-down or exhausted. But sometimes, it can be hard to switch off or fall asleep. Here are some helpful tips to help you wind down before bedtime.

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Create Triggers For Your Body

Triggers can help your body recognize when it’s time to relax and wind down for bed. Do these right before bed and then when you start doing them each night, your body will learn to wind down by itself. This could be getting into your pajamas, having a peppermint tea or taking off your makeup. Creating this bedtime routine is easy to do and will give your body the signs it needs.

Invest In A New Mattress

Sometimes, the reason why we have a bad night’s sleep is down to the mattress or pillow we’re sleeping on. Usually, a mattress has a shelf life of around eight years, which is a long time. But for many, we can forget to replace it until it starts to cause havoc with our sleeping patterns. So whether you require a king single mattress or a queen double mattress, replace your old one once it goes past the eight-year mark. The same goes for your pillows, especially as these can become quite unhygienic over time.

Make Bed A ‘No Technology’ Zone

Your bedroom should be a space to sleep, so propping yourself up in bed and scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, is probably contributing to the time it takes to get to sleep. Therefore, you want to make your bed, a ‘no technology’ zone. That means putting your phone and any other tech devices away before your head hits the pillow.

Write Everything Down

One trick to try which can help those who have a busy lifestyle and work life can be to write everything down. Have a notepad and pen by the side of your bed. Each evening, write all your thoughts and worries for the day and all your do’s for tomorrow so that you can go to bed with an almost empty mind. It’ll help you fall asleep much faster and to remind you of things you need to do when you get up the next morning.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes, we need a little help to relax our bodies, and you may want to consider listening to an app or researching some relaxation techniques to help your body into the state it needs to be to fall asleep. A good one is to relax every single part of your body from the toes to the top of your head, going very carefully and slowly. It can help relax the mind, and you’re likely to drift off before you can finish relaxing the rest of your body.

Getting a good amount of sleep each night is very important to help your body repair. On average, you should aim for 7-9 hours a night. Don’t deny yourself an afternoon nap here or there too!

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