Ingenious Ways To Stick To Your Wedding Budget

You have just experienced the biggest moment of your life so far: you’re about to get married. Right now, there will be a rush of emotions flooding through your body, the main one being happy with a mix of excitement. There is nothing like the prospect of saying “I do” to get the blood pumping.

However, now is also the time to get real. Weddings are expensive and yours will set you back a lot of money. Therefore, it’s essential to stick to the budget as religiously as possible. If that’s going to be a struggle, here are a few ingenious hacks which will help.

A calculator, pen and budget sheet

Remember That Time Is On Your Side

Every bride and groom wants to set a date as soon as possible. The problem with this is that it gives you less time to plan and to save. Everything has to be done and paid for to a deadline and that is when the costs begin to creep up. For those with time on their side, remember that you’re young and can wait a couple of years. After all, people are waiting longer and longer to tie the knot so it won’t look strange. But, it will mean you can pay things off without racking up debt on a host of credit cards.

Set The Tone

In the beginning, the first couple of wedding-related purchases will set the tone of your budget. The engagement ring, for example, is a major expense. Yes, it’s nice to have a rock which gleams, yet it’s not logical to bankrupt your husband-to-be before the special day. To mix quality and affordability, you should head to The site says it offers beautiful options for a small budget. Plus, bagging a bargain may be fun if you do it together and it saves you money.

Move It Out Of Season

Most couples want to get married on the weekend in the middle of summer, which is why the cost of a venue is sky high. With supply at a minimum, these establishments can afford to charge a premium. A savvy move is to set the date outside of the peak season. Don’t worry because you can still have the warm weather either side of June, July, and August. September is a prime example. Then, not only do you get your dream venue but it should come at a discounted rate. Or, you can get married abroad and has the details.

DIY The Dress

There is no need to make it yourself – hire someone else to do it instead. Plenty of market stalls have people with fantastic sewing skills who will take on the task. And, the price will be half the amount. After all, you will only pay for the labour and not the brand or the “experience.” You can apply the same method to the groomsmen outfits too. Just take a picture and write down the measurements for them to copy.

How do you think you can cut the costs of your big day?

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