Fun Entertainment For Your Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding day takes a lot of thought and effort. From choosing the venue to the food to the dress… there are so many elements which fit together to form the ideal day for you and your family. However perhaps the biggest part of the day, or at least after the ceremony, is the reception. Wedding receptions are a great chance for people to let their hair down and have some fun, as well as for people who didn’t come to the ceremony to wish you well. But rather than the same old dance hall, why not do something a little different?

An image showing a brides legs with her skirt raised and pink pumps on and a grooms legs with black pumps on.

Here are some of our top wedding entertainment ideas you haven’t thought of.

Disco fun 

Do you love to show off your moves? Then why not consider having an evening of dancing with your family and friends. You could hire a disco dance teacher, come and teach everyone some classic moves. And decorate your venue with some fun lights. Add in some funky tunes and you will be set for an hilarious evening dancing away with those you love. 


Who doesn’t love karaoke? Karaoke is one of those activities which everyone enjoys when they’ve had a drink or two. And it will be priceless watching your prude aunt Joan singing away to Madonna after she’s had a few. You can really mix it up and have some duets and group performances. It could be a fun and laughable source of entertainment for everyone. If you don’t have a karaoke machine at hand. All you need is some lyrics projected onto the screen and a YouTube video and you’ll be away! You can use a wifi hotspot device to load the videos onto your laptop and you’ll have a whole evening of fun to enjoy.

Medieval feast 

If you don’t want to go down the traditional route of a function room for your wedding day, why not make your evening into a medieval feast? You can set long tables and serve up comfort foods like bread, meat and soups, and you’ll be able to drink real ale and mead while having fun with your family. You can even hire a court jester and some other medieval style performers to entertain you during the feast. Afterwards why not head outside or onto the dance floor for a night of games such as jousting to really bring up the spirits of your guests. 

Hiking afternoon 

If you have an active family and aren’t really fussed about having a big party, you could spend the afternoon hiking in your favourite place. On a sunny day this would be the best way to spend your afternoon. And once you’re done you could head to a small pub and enjoy an evening meal and drinks with your nearest and dearest.

Pub crawl 

For those of you who like to live a little bit on the wild side, you could enlist your best man or maid of honour to create a pub crawl for the whole wedding party for the evening. This could be a great option for a smaller wedding party. It will be a way to enjoy your night in your own unique way. At every venue you could try a different drink and this could end up being one of the best knees ups in your lif

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