New Year, New Style… How Fashion Can Help You Think Differently!

We all know that switching up our style can help us feel confident.  But even those interested in fashion can forget just how powerful a new wardrobe can be.  Not only does it change our confidence, but the swagger in our step, and our willingness to try new things.  When we feel great at a party, for example, we are more likely to talk to strangers, because we are proud of ourselves.

Conversely, when we feel less confident in our appearance, we are as less likely to try new things.  Most people know this. It is why fashion will always be more than superficial. It is the reason why fashion will always be important.  Of course, you should define your own fashion rather than fashion defining you. Whatever works for you is best.

A woman with long hair wearing a summer hat that covers her eyes.

But can fashion change the way you think?  Can changing your style help you think more positively?  Can changing your style help you live as the person you most want to be?  For that, and more, read on:


Switching up your style can sometimes make you think in a new light.  Just think about how taking a different route to work can sometimes introduce you to new businesses, new beautiful viewpoints, or even shortcuts as you drive by on that given the morning.  New clothing can often help improve your mindset in much the same way. You will likely see yourself differently which often translates to relating to yourself differently. This promotes different thought patterns.  Because you have burst through the limits of style, you may wonder what other limits you can get through.

For example, if you wish to try a new body piercing, for example taking the time to buy belly bars online, you might be telling yourself through that act the simple fact that you are attractive and sexy.  This can increase confidence in yourself through and through. This is especially true if you haven’t felt that away for some time.  Opening yourself up to risk in style gives you the power to take that attitude externally. who knows if a simple decision like this could encourage you to finally go for that promotion?


We often celebrate the people in our lives whom we love, but rarely extend that same courtesy to ourselves.  When changing your style and putting new effort in, we are celebrating ourselves through a tangible act.  This can be more important than you know. This is how self respect and self love both grow. For example there might be address in your wardrobe that you love.  However, you have only admired it and haven’t dared to wear it yet. Instead of appreciating it as an external thing, think about how joyful you will feel if you apply that admiration to yourself instead of separating it from yourself.  There may be many examples like this you could implement into your new style decision-making.

With these tips, a new style should help you through and through.

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